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Yoni Samet

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  • Kayla Samet $100.00
  • Yoni Samet $18
    I believe in you!! You can do it!! Keep it up!!!
  • Shai Samet $100
    Go Yoni! We know you'll at least ride 100 feet or yards :). Kol Hakovod for supporting these great causes.
  • Oren Richland $180.00
    You can do this Yoni!!!
  • Ilan Richland $180.00
    Show them how its done YB !! Proud of you buddy!!
  • David & Jenny Samet $360
    We are so proud of you! Wow! We love you. Aba & Ema
  • Aliza And Ronnie Samet $100.00
    Kol Hakovod Yoni and Dave! Amazing work for a great cause. Hatzlacha!
  • Shai Stern $462.00
    Go, Yoni! From Meira & Shai Stern
  • Paul Weber $180
    Best of success
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Thank you for visiting my page!

I am very excited to be a rider in this years 100 Ride to benefit Kupath Ezra of Rockland County and Tomche Shabbos of Rockland County.

Please help motovate me by writing a great comment under you donation!! 


Thanks a lot