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Shlomo Tzvi Zeilingold

A biker with a passion for good

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  • Abraham Goldwasser $180
    Go Shlomo Go!!!! But make sure I am not too far behind.
  • Rochel Zucker $18
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    You can do it!
  • Michelle Steinhart $18.00
    Kol Hakavod!! Good luck!!
  • BInyomin STamm $25.00
    Good Luck!
  • Moshe Storch $18
    in honor of Shlomo Tzvi Hagibor!
  • Shlomo Itzkowitz $10
    Good luck!
  • Esther Fishman $36
  • Liba Kalish $100.00
    Good Luck Shlomo! We love you! The Kalish’s
  • S Eisenstadt $36.00
    To one of the bravest kids we know! We r rooting for u! Keep on going strong! Love Your old neighbors:)
  • Anonymous Sponsor $10.00
  • Denise Schuster $36.00
    hatzlocha rabah from mr. and mrs. schuster
  • Ruchie Gutman $18
  • PEssi GEwirtZman $18.00
    Good luck! We’re so proud!!
  • Faigy Goldstein $18
  • Yaakov Golding $18
    go shlomo go!!!!
  • BInyomin And Yocheved Goldenberg $36
    In honor of Shlomo Tzvi and his amazing parents!!!
  • Yitzi And Riva Zucker $25.00
    Good Luck!!
  • Yakov Zeilingold $20
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  • Mark Aschkenasy $50
    @ShlomoTzvi we are very impressed, keep it up!!
  • Chaya Fuller $50.00
    Go Shlomo!! We’re so proud of you! Love ya! The Fullers
  • Daniel Goldstein $18
    In honor of SHLOMO TZVI ZEILINGOLD's wonderful mother and grandmother!!
  • Frady Goldstein Goldstein $18.00
    keep up the Goldwasser spirit, have fun
  • Suri Goldstein $18.00
    Go, Shlomo Tzvi!
  • Yehuda Wolf $18
  • Sarah Rosman $36.00
    Go Luck!!!The Rosmans
  • Aviva Neugroschl $20
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  • Eli Zeilingold $25
    Shlomo Tvzi - good luck on this amazing bike ride!
  • RAcheli Rosenberg $18.00
    Go shlomo Tzvi! Shua Rosenberg
  • Tzvi Hass $54
    Have a great ride!
  • Anonymous Sponsor $45
  • Shemaria Zeilingold $200.00
    In honor of my dear brother Shlomo Tzvi
  • Metaal Needleman $31
  • Devora Simha $20
  • Frady GOldstein $50
    In honor of my niece who has an awesome son
  • PEssi GEwirtMan $18
    You are amazing!
  • BInyomin And Yocheved Goldenberg $18
    Keep making your family proud!!
  • Tova Saks $36
    Good luck on the ride!!
  • Chumy Salamon $36
    In honor of Malkie an awesome mother !
  • Goldie Schwartz $36.00
    Good luck!
  • Anonymous Sponsor $442.00
  • Deborah Fischer $39.00
    In honor of Shlomo Tzvi! Keep it up!
  • Yaakov & Shifra Katz $36.00
    good luck!
  • Nathan Neuberger $36
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Thank you for visiting my page! I am very excited to be a rider in this years 100 Ride to benefit Kupath Ezra of Rockland County and Tomche Shabbos of Rockland County.

We will be cycling 50 or 80 miles over the picturesque roads of Rockland County.

We are not only riding for our health, we are riding to raise funds for these charitable organizations which supply integral life necessities for poor families in Rockland County.

Please help me and contribute to this wonderful cause and make different in the lives of so many poor families.