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  • Yoel Megadesh
    Please make sure to read the mega vort and donate if you enjoy it. Tx!
  • Seth Fishman
    Go Yoel!!
  • Meborak Meghedesc
    In honor of my grandchildren
  • Anonymous Sponsor
  • Shmuel Loebenberg
    Yoel, you had better get a new bike if you plan on riding the full 100!
  • Chaim Block
    In honor of the great Baal Chesed who allows the Rabim to pass through the shul quickly. עלה והצלח
  • Sara An Moishe Grinfeld
    Good luck Yoel! Can’t wait to see what you look like at the finish line.
  • Gaddy Haymov
    Yoel’s Megavort has been an inspiration for our entire family he provides us with torah lessons that are priceless
  • Menachem & Miriam Stern
  • Jacob Tversky
    Get real old man, you ain’t making it to the 10th mile
  • Ari Schwartz
  • Michael Brick
  • Rachelle Wisotsky
  • Avigail Megadesh
    Show ‘em how it’s done
  • Tamar Megadesh
    Lets goo daddyyy
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Thank you for visiting my page! I am very excited to be a rider in this years 100 Ride to benefit Kupath Ezra of Rockland County and Tomche Shabbos of Rockland County.

We will be cycling 50 or 80 miles over the picturesque roads of Rockland County.

We are not only riding for our health, we are riding to raise funds for these charitable organizations which supply integral life necessities for poor families in Rockland County.

Please help me and contribute to this wonderful cause and make different in the lives of so many poor families. Visit My Team Page