The 100 Ride is a unique cycling event fostering feelings of camaraderie amongst friends working together to benefit their community. The riders are riding for, and have raised funds to support those unknown friends and neighbors who are struggling in their basic daily needs. The ride is called the 100 Ride due to the fact that 100% of the funds raised in preparation for ride by the riders are distributed to many charities. The entirety of the funds raised by the riders are delivered to Kupath Ezra of Rockland County and Tomche Shabbos of Rockland County as well as many other charities and charitable causes of the riders . Our riders perform their charity at the highest level of giving - with no expectation of something in return.
The ride starts with a full breakfast of champions on August 27, 2021. The route will start in the Rockland area, and continue through the mountainous range of Harriman Park. The ride finishes with a lavish BBQ and post ride party.
100% tzedakah
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Tomche Shabbos provides emergency food assistance to impoverished families of our community. A box containing all the trappings of beautiful & complete Shabbos meals is anonymously left at the door of 490 families late each Thursday nights. The packages contain chicken, fish, challah, grape juice, assorted fruit & vegetables, & canned goods. Additionally, Tomche Shabbos provides these unemployed people with no cost adult education & job placement. To date we have placed 210 unemployed people in successful jobs! We need your help to continue in our vital mission!
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Kupath Ezrah of Rockland County has remained a constant source of assistance to those families suffering financially for almost 60 years. Currently we have over 650 families relying on our monthly stipends, plus a few hundred more receiving situational and yomtov stipends. They depend on these checks each month to supplement their income and help with their basic needs. The circumstances that led to their situations may differ, but the challenges they face are frighteningly similar- losing a job, have sick family members, unable to afford rent or food, utility shut offs notices, and just not making it. Endorsed by all the Rabbanim of Rockland County, , we service every segment of the community by raising money through shul appeals, various campaigns, programs, clothing, appliances and furniture exchanges, an outreach center, the Annual Asifa, dinners, sponsorships, the annual bike-a-thon, etc. We also provide job placements for those seeking employment. Kupath Ezrah hopes to increase our fundraising efforts so that we can honor our pending applications, and increase the monthly stipends. Please visit our website www.kupathezrah.com or call 845-426-6504 for more information about Kupath Ezrah.
for more information, visit:
or call: 845.426.6504