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  • Mike Lee
    Thanks for your ongoing commitment to this amazing Charity, and have a Great Ride with Team Mindy!
  • Lawrence Kessler
    Yasher Koach and have an easy ride !!
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  • Richard Arnold
  • Leibi & Suri Schwimmer
    In memory of Mindy A”H who we miss so much
  • Claude Girard
  • Esther Husarsky
    For always going the extra mile for us!
  • Jean-Francois Hebert
    Good luck Ben, you're the best and wish you the best on your ride. Maurizio Ciocca
  • Helene And Marty Schiffmiller
    In loving memory of our dear niece, Mindy, A"H
  • Dov And Atara Frankel
    In honour of our dear friend Bentzi in loving memory of Mindy
  • Menash & Mimi Oratz
  • Jerome Parness
    In Mindy's Memory
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    Kol HaKavod!
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  • Tuvi Hirsch
  • Abba, Sara, Roni And Efi Cohen
    In loving memory of Mindy a"h...Go Bentz! We are proud of you and Yoni!
  • Ami Schwba
  • Michael Cohen
    From Uncle & Penina with love! In memory of 2 great women: Ima A"H & Mindy A"H
  • Eliezer Gelb
  • Yisrael And Bayla Cohen
    In memory of Mommy A"H - Go Abba Go!
  • Dalia Kaplan
    In honor of Mindy a”h
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Team Mindy

Dear Family and Friends,

Coming Sunday, June 25th, the annual 100 Ride of Rockland County is scheduled to take place. As you know from previous years, this is a 50-80 mile cycling charity event that primarily benefits the local charities of Tomchei Shabbos and Kupas Ezra of Rockland County. These charities provide food, clothing and finances to families in dire need. This year, we on Team Mindy, are dedicating the ride to our dear friend, Menachem Toporowitz A”H of blessed memory, whose life ended tragically at the young age of 39. Funds from this year’s event will be disbursed, in part, to widows and orphans in need of financial assistance.

I formed Team Mindy several years ago in memory of Mindy A”H (on blessed memory). Mindy was always discretely involved in charity work and raising charity in her memory is therefore very befitting. I would like to reach my personal goal of $7,500.

Thanks to your support, Team Mindy raised last year $65,000!

Please sponsor my ride and Team Mindy, and thank you in advance for helping these worthy charities.


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