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Anonymous Sponsor $540.00
Anonymous Sponsor $540.00
Yoel Megadesh $500.00
Please make sure to read the mega vort and donate if you enjoy it. Tx!
Mark Majeski $360.00
Rivky & Moshe Majeski
Anonymous Sponsor $360.00
Double match for the $180 donation.
Seth Fishman $250.00
Go Yoel!!
Meborak Meghedesc $250.00
In honor of my grandchildren
Anonymous Sponsor $250.00
Shmuel Loebenberg $180.00
Yoel, you had better get a new bike if you plan on riding the full 100!
Chaim Block $180.00
In honor of the great Baal Chesed who allows the Rabim to pass through the shul quickly. עלה והצלח
Sara An Moishe Grinfeld $180.00
Good luck Yoel! Can’t wait to see what you look like at the finish line.
Gaddy Haymov $180.00
Yoel’s Megavort has been an inspiration for our entire family he provides us with torah lessons that are priceless
Avi Klein $180.00
Anonymous Sponsor $180.00
Neil Zelman $180.00
Stuart Neuhauser $180.00
Yoel. Good luck on the ride and congrats on coaching the championship team in RJFL.
Abraham Cohen $180.00
Ari Sorotzkin $180.00
Chaim Silberberg $150.00
Menachem & Miriam Stern $101.00
Jacob Tversky $100.00
Get real old man, you ain’t making it to the 10th mile
Ari Schwartz $100.00
Michael Brick $100.00
Rachelle Wisotsky $100.00
Avigail Megadesh $100.00
Show ‘em how it’s done
Tamar Megadesh $100.00
Lets goo daddyyy
Dovid Oldak $100.00
Allon Feig $100.00
Anonymous Sponsor $100.00
In honor of mega vort
Chaya Fishman $100.00
Good luck
Chaim Raice $100.00
Anonymous Sponsor $100.00
Match for 100$ donation. 1 hr left for matchin!
Zev Kahn $100.00
Anonymous Sponsor $100.00
Sara Grinfeld $56.00
Making good on my promise! It was worth it for the outfit pics.
Zipi And Ephraim Book $54.00
Love the Megavort
Ettie Butler $54.00
Yay Yoel!
Anonymous Sponsor $50.00
To my wonderful neighbor
Boruch Englard $50.00
IHO the best coach ever
Zvi And Tova Mermelstein $50.00
Ely Kohn $36.00
In Honor of Yoel Megadesh
Moshe Goldblatt $36.00
For the most popular guy in town. So happy my donation is being matched!!
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Match for the recent 36$ donation. 3 hours left to match any donation up to 1000$ total!
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Anonymous Sponsor $26.00
Match for 26$ donation. 1 hour left for matching!
Shmuli Fromovitz $25.00